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Corn Husking:

The contest is open to all genders of various age groups, from youth to "golden agers."

Each participant will be given an equal amount of corn to husk.  The first to husk the most corn within five minutes is the winner.


Bale Toss:

This contest has two divisions 15 & Under / 16 & Over.

Contestants throw a standard size bale of straw / hay from behind designated line.  The point where the bale hits the ground first is marked as the distance of the throw. 

Contestants are allowed two  throws.

Cake Walk

All ages - Each entrant is given a numbered and placed on the ground in a circle.  When all numbers are given out, or when no more people want to enter, music is played for entrants to walk in a circle.

When the music stops, each entrant finds a number to stand on and a number is drawn from a container.  Whoever is standing on the chosen number wins a cake. 

Nail-driving Contest:

Ages 12 & up - Contestants race each other two at a time by pounding a nail into a board.  Hammers, nails, and goggles are provided.  The first contestant to drive his or her nail all the way into

the board without it bending the nail is the winner.  Contestants are eliminated one at a time until there is one winner.

Rolling Pin Contest:

Ages 12 & up - Contestants are chosen in order of sign up. Each contestant stands behind a marked line to throw a rolling pin into a large container.  If more than one contestant gets the rolling pin in

container, the throwing distance is increased and the successful throwers compete again.  This is repeated until only one person succeeds.  If no contestant gets the rolling pin in the

container in the first round, any contestant whose throw hits the outside of the container will compete again.


Labor Day Weekend, September 1st - September 4th

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