Corn Husking

The contest is open to all genders of various age groups, from youth to "golden agers."

Each participant will be given an eqial amount of corn to husk.  The first to husk the most corn within five minutes is the winner.


Bale Toss

This contest has two divisions 15 & Under / 16 & Over.

Contestants throw a standard size bale of straw / hay from behinda desgnated line.  The point where the bale hits the ground first is marked as the distance of the throw. 

Contestants are allowed two  throws.

Cake Walk

All ages - Each entrant is given a numbered and placed on the ground in a circle.  When all numbers are given out, or when no more people want to enter, music is played for entrants to walk in a circle.

When the music stops, each entrant finds a number to stand on and a number is drawn from a container.  Whoever is standing on the chosen number wins a cake. 

Nail-driving Contest

Ages 12 & up - Contestants race each other two at a time by pounding a nail into a board.  Hammers, nails, and goggles are provided.  The first contestant to drive his or her nail all the way into

the board without it bending the nail is the winner.  Contestants are eliminated one at a time until there is one winner.

Rolling Pin Contest

Ages 12 & up - Contestants are chosen in order of sign up. Each contestant stands behind a marked line to throw a rolling pin into a large container.  If more than one contestant gets the rolling pin in

container, the throwing distance is increased and the successful throwers compete again.  This is repeated until only one person succeeds.  If no contestant gets the rolling pin in the

container in the first round, any contestant whose throw hits the outside of the container will compete again.



Pie Eating Contest


The contest is open to 18 years and older.  Entries are limited to the first 10 contestants to register.  No hands may be used.  Contestants must place their hands behind their backs while eating the pie.  Contestants must not touch or eat any pie until the start signal is given.  The first person to finish the pie will throw their hands in the air to end the contest and be declared the winner.

Ice Cream Eating Contest

There are two divisions:  15 & Under / 16 & Over

Contestants are given 3 minutes to eat as much ice cream as they can.  Vanilla ice cream will be provided in two different size containers depending on the division.  Each container must be eaten completely before starting to eat the next container of ice cream.  The containers must be fully eaten, with no solid ice cream let in the corners of edges of the containers.  Not completely eating a container before starting the next container is grounds for disqualification or not counting the incomplete container.  Contestants must stack their empty ice cream containers nested in one stack in front of them as they complete them.  Each contestant will be given three containers of ice cream to start.  Their stock of ice cream will be replenished as needed.  Only provided utensils may be used for this contest.  Cups of water and napkins will be provided for all contests.

At the approach of the 5 minute mark, a warning count-down and yell "stop" when the 5 minutes are complete, all eating must completely stop.  Spoons in mouths may be eaten, but spoons on their way to the mouth must be put down.

Truck Pulls

Stock Gas, Stock Diesel, Enhanced Gas, Tractors, Modified-run what you bring, Fun Class- Start time is 6:00 pm

Questions about classes, rules, regulations call Natalie Cowles: 413-896-2159